- all the frequently asked questions about Bilia Baby UK and our Moses Baskets -


The Bilia Moses Basket I wanted is out of stock - When will you have more?
New Bilia Moses Baskets are added periodically, and product drops are always announced via our newsletters, Facebook, and Instagram, so make sure you sign up and follow us!


Do the Bilia Moses Baskets come with a mattress?

Our Bilia Moses Baskets come with a custom made mattress to fit each individual basket. They are all 4cm max depth, fully ventilated foam core mattresses. All of our moses basket mattresses are manufactured in the UK to ensure that they meet all British Safety Standards. For safe sleeping information, please visit the Lullaby Trust Website


Will I get the exact Bilia Moses Basket in the picture?
Yes! Each and every piece we sell is unique, so we photograph and list each and every Bilia Moses Basket individually - you wont find anyone with the basket you buy.


Can the Bilia Moses Baskets be used as a baby carrier?

No - our Bilia Moses Baskets are intended for supervised naps/sleeps on a secure flat surface, whilst a baby is not yet rolling.


Do I need to take special care of my Bilia Moses Basket?​
If your Bilia Moses Basket gets out of shape through travel, or any other activity, it's really easy to reshape them. All you have to do is use some water on the area, reshape with your hands, and dry out in the sunshine.
As our Bilia Moses Baskets are made of natural fibres, it's really important that you ensure it is stored in a dry location. Be sure to also inspect them regularly to ensure that they are clean, dry and undamaged.
(TOP TIP - When being stored in humid climates, give your basket a spritz with diluted clove oil to prevent mould!)


What type of sheet will fit the Bilia Moses Basket?

Every Bilia Moses Basket is slightly different, as each are unique. However, they all measure approximately 72cm x 40cm, so should fit most moses basket sheets.


What else can my Bilia Moses Basket be used for?

We like to think that a Bilia Moses Basket will be used for lifetimes to come, and they aren't just for babies! Our Bilia Moses Baskets are suitable for newborn sleeping (before a child can roll, push up, or crawl), but our friends and family have been known to use them as play boat's (away from water!), a snuggle basket for toddlers, crawl level toy storage, vegetable storage, shop displays and, and this is our second most popular use, as pampered fur-baby baskets! (lucky pooches!)

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