- staying safe, and how to look after your Bilia Moses Baskets -


It is important that the following safety guidelines are adhered to when using a Bilia Moses Basket:

Bilia Moses Baskets are intended to offer a beautiful, supervised sleeping space for newborn babies. Once a baby can roll, push up or crawl, they are no longer suited to using a Bilia Moses Basket for sleep. 


Our mattresses are custom made in the UK to adhere to strict British Safety Standards.

A baby should always be supervised whilst in any moses basket.

Our Bilia Moses Baskets should be used on the ground, or on a safe, secure, flat surface.

Our Bilia Moses Baskets should never used as a carrying device. The handles should always be positioned outwards to the basket, and any tags should be removed.

Do not place additional pillows or heavy covers in any babies bed, as stated by the Lullaby Trust's sleeping guidelines (See more about the Lullaby Trust here).

Do not allow place a Bilia Moses Basket near flames. Never ever smoke near a baby, or place a baby close to any sort of cord (eg. light cords, blind cords etc).

Please inspect your Bilia Moses Basket and Mattress prior to use, and after you have stored it.

The safety of your baby is no doubt the most important thing to you, therefore, as with all baby products, it is imperative that Bilia Moses Baskets are only used as intended and under appropriate supervision.

Please see our FAQ for any further queries you may have.


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