Baby names for 2018 - the predictions are revealed!

One of the UK’s most trusted sites for parenting information, BabyCentre, has studied tens of thousands of parents’ choices for new arrivals to reveal the latest trends as well as more unusual naming choices, and their predictions for 2018 are in!

Here at Bilia Baby UK, we love hearing all about your journey to parenthood - so we thought we'd delve a little deeper to see if BabyCentre can predict what YOU will be naming your newborns this year!

2017's name inspiration came from all quarters, including celebrity name picks to blockbuster films; but there were also some surprises in the baby names chart last year, with a slight nod to the UK's obsession with 'reality TV'.

Looking into 2018, BabyCentre are predicting that influences for the most popular baby names in 2018 will be focused around the World Cup, the Royal family (not the ones from the comedy TV series - which is a shame, as Jim is a fab name!), and, of course, stars of the big screen.

"Here at BabyCentre, we like to make sure we’re ahead of the curve when it comes to the most popular baby naming trends. So, what’s in store for 2018’s crop of baby names?"

Here's a *brief* list of the names that BabyCentre have predicted will be 'on the up' this year:

* Harry (3rd place in 2017)

* Raheem

* Marcus

* Jamie (99th place in 2017)

* George (5th place in 2017)

* Charlotte (15th place in 2017)

* Alice

* Arthur (28th place in 2017)

* Victoria

* Elizabeth

* Albert (82nd place in 2017)

* Meghan

* Jodie

* Bradley

* Mandip

* Tosin

* Dakota

* Anastasia

* Christian

* Grey

* Peter

* Beatrix

* Jemima

* Margot

* Donal

* Daisy

Are any of your baby name choices on the list above?

Be sure to let us know!

Article from BabyCentre can be found >here<

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