The 4 reasons we use simple packaging, and the wonderful way it helps us to keep our promises...

If you've ordered a moses basket from us, then you'll know how little we try to put into our packaging. Not only are we very conscious about keeping our eco-friendly and sustainable promise, right through to how our baskets are sent out to you, we want to make sure that it's as easy as possible, once one of our beautiful moses baskets reach your door, to dispose of the packaging our baby baskets come in instantly.

Moses Baskets - Why we use such sparse packaging

With a study from the Centre for Retail Research announcing that e-commerce is the fastest growing retail sector in Europe, it should come as no surprise that packaging goods are seeing a surge in profitability too. When we order something online, we expect it to arrive in the same condition it would be, had we purchased it in a physical shop - we're a fussy lot aren't we! It goes without saying that ensuring that parcels that aren't quite cared for in the way we'd like them to can be a costly affair for a business, and replacing 'damaged-in-transit' items can cost up to 17 times the cost of the original shipping, and then there's the feedback businesses are receiving off the back of it too.

But, we're not writing this blog post to bore you with the specifics of packaging solutions for businesses in the UK - we're here to tell you why we choose to package in the way that we do, so please stick with us!

What is perhaps more perplexing is that, according to an article from The Week, 80% of us wonderful Brits are “more aware of the need to recycle than ever before” - so how do WE help our customers when it comes to ensuring that everything we do is either; completely recyclable, or ultimately, reusable to coincide with our brand identity, whilst maintaining a professional, customer focused business?

You see, when you receive a Bilia Moses Basket, you'll find it neatly placed inside a simple white polypropylene sack. Inside that sack, you'll find your moses basket, your bespoke, British Safety Standard tested moses basket mattress, a hand written label made from 100% recycled paper, and a card for you and your newborn baby also made from 100% recycled paper. That's it!

Below, we've listed the 4 reasons we make sure our packaging is simple for both us, and our wonderful clients:

  • Our 100% recycled labels and cards are 100% recyclable (including the envelopes), and our polypropylene sacks are recyclable too! Not only do they look fabulous, they serve a purpose, and they’re also all we need to ensure you’ve got everything you need to know about your moses basket. Any additional information can be found on our FAQ’s page, Safety page, or on our About page. Once you’re done looking at our labels and cards, admiring them, taking photographs of them with your wonderful new Bilia Moses Basket, you can pop them into your recycling bin! No more trying to crush down enormous cardboard boxes, with endless glossy leaflets and spam mail flying around your home – just fold it all up and throw away. Easy peasy lemon squeasy!

  • Our Bilia Moses Baskets need to BREATHE. They are made from completely natural materials, which can really suffer if they get damp or are left inside boxes or airtight plastic packaging, and mattresses don’t do too well in strange conditions either (we all know the sight of an old mattress next to a skip – not the ideal spot for a baby to spend the very first moments of their lives). You’ll notice that the sacks are woven, which allows air to flow through, yet keep any potential rain out of there. Great news for the moses basket and moses basket mattress – and even better for us.

  • Plastic packaging is DANGEROUS for babies. Yes, it’s a no brainer, but having little slithers of packaging hanging around is NOT something we fancy being responsible for, so we don’t include it in what we send out to you.

  • Reduce, reuse, recycle! Cardboard boxes have long been the ‘go-to’ packaging favourite for years and years’ worth of boat building, den making, car riding, hide-and-seek-ing fun, but with a big baby bump preventing you from even seeing your toes, they are a complete nuisance to flatten and discard of, and you're probably surrounded by all sorts of packaging from the ‘nesting’ stage of being a mummy-to-be. Our packaging sacks are designed with strength in mind, and are actually made for heavy duty uses such as carrying soil, potatoes, building materials, rubble and metal. With this strength, the bags are able, and designed, to be used over and over again! We want our customers to get experimental when reusing our sacks, and they are incredibly useful as: - Laundry bags (perfect for the new arrival – trust us, you'll need a bigger bag!) - Toy storage (indoor and outdoor) - Grow-your-own strawberry or potato sacks (great for teaching children where our food comes from!) - Sack races - Christmas Santa sacks (they’re white, so personalising won’t be a problem!) - Nativity costumes (make sure there’s a head hole!) - A no-mess craft mat/dinner mat/under highchair food catcher…

The possibilities really are endless!

So, we hope this answers all the questions you may have about our packaging. If you do have any more questions, be sure to head on over to our Facebook or Instagram pages, where you can find lots of information about us, and be able to get in touch quicker than via email!

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