Hay fever whilst pregnant; 7 natural(ish) remedies

Treating hay fever, or anything in fact, whilst pregnant can be complicated – especially if you head straight to the UK’s favourite search engine to find out how you can rid your ever increasing body from the extra stresses of streaming nostrils, itchy eyeballs, and a horrible, scratchy throat. However, here at Bilia Baby UK, the home of the Bilia Moses Basket, we’ve put together the best natural hay fever solutions so that your nose can rest at ease, and you can *hopefully* save yourself a small fortune on tissues.

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It’s a fact that 2018 has been one of the worst years yet for hay fever sufferers. As the temperatures have started to soar over the last few months, so has the surge in pollen levels. For the mummy-to-be population, this means that hay fever in pregnancy is highly likely [Sorry guys!]. As hay fever affects over 10 million people in Britain alone, the sometimes debilitating effects aren’t likely to disappear when you find out that you’re pregnant. In fact, because of the hormone changes within the body whilst pregnant, the chances of feeling bunged up and full of a cold are increased significantly. Never fear – we’re here with a list of natural remedies for treating hay fever whilst pregnant!

First of all, we’re going to start with the fact that over the counter medicines and antihistamine tablets aren’t likely to be sold to you without a prescription if you’re pregnant. This is because some medicines can be harmful to your growing bundle of joy, and some things just haven’t had enough testing in pregnancy to find out if there are any effects on babies after they are born. ALWAYS check with your midwife, GP or pharmacist before you take ANY medication.

So, here are our top natural ways for treating hay fever whilst pregnant:

  • Wear a panty-liner in case of ‘Snissing’ Yep, you read that right…One of the more unpleasant side effects of pregnancy is ‘snissing’. That’s the term for those annoying little leaks that occur when you sneeze (we really don’t want to have to spell it out for you). It may not seem much like a remedy per-say, but not being soaked every time you have a sneezing fit will be a welcome blessing. So, wear a liner and save your modesty *thanks, pregnancy hormones*.

  • Extra pamper time! If you’ve been out in the fresh air, glowing (or sweating) away in the glorious British sunshine, blossoming belly galore, allow yourself time to get into a wonderful steamy shower as soon as you get home to wash away any problematic pollen that will have been whole heartedly attracted to your magnificently growing body, and again before bed. Your nostrils/eyeballs will thank you later. (Psst – If you can’t manage that much showering without getting completely out of puff, get your significant other to help with washing out your hair, scrubbing your back, legs and feet… we think it’s a great excuse for a little extra time together!)

  • Keep ‘em closed Suffering from hay fever whilst pregnant can be a real downer. You can’t take any medication for it, so you’re limiting your ‘outdoor’ time but still sit snissing, coughing, scratching and more whilst indoors. By keeping your windows closed, particularly in the morning and evening, you can temporarily escape the wrath of the UK’s ‘pollen bomb’. This is because the pollen counts are generally at their highest in the morning and evening, so keep those windows closed, ladies!

  • Fire up the tumble dryer We know, we’re meant to be giving you eco-friendly, sustainable advice, but when you’re suffering from a serious case of the snots, it’s really the last thing you want to be worrying about. We get it. It’s time to show your tumble dryer some love and abandon the washing line (at least until the pollen count has died down). Dry your washing, especially the bedsheets, indoors so that you’re not being contaminated every time you climb into fresh linen.

  • The magic of sunglasses Our founder used to tell us that one of her best friends when she was younger used to wear sunglasses all of the time as soon as spring hit, no matter how many times they said he looked like a pop star wannabe. By the end of the day, you could see the pollen that had collected on the outside of his glasses. Moral of the story? Wear sunglasses, or any type of glasses, to prevent the pollen entering your eyes. Wear those sunglasses lady – you’re a wonder woman, and growing a human, so rock the look and keep the pesky pollen away from your peepers for good! *Note – wraparound sunglasses will be best – like these ones from Boots, but any will give you more protection than none, obviously.

  • Nostril protection Aside from wearing one of those ‘not-so-sexy’ nose clips that pro-swimmers wear to stop the water from going up their nose, or plugging your nostrils with some nice, bright yellow, earplugs, there hasn’t been much advancement in nostril protection. However, you can help to trap pollen entering your nasal passages by smearing some petroleum jelly, or a nasal barrier balm, under and around your nostrils. Some great brands are available, from simple Vaseline to natural versions that we prefer like HayMax.

  • Try sticking to cities Want the perfect excuse for a city break? Here it is. It sounds really obvious, but we couldn’t leave it off the list. Try avoiding areas with loads of plant life, grass and trees. Go concrete jungle temporarily, enjoy flitting between coffee shops and baby boutiques, and indulge in some slab stomping (if your feet can bear it) with your beau.

So, what are you waiting for? We know it’s really hard to treat hay fever whilst you’re pregnant, but we hope that we’ve helped with our little list of more natural ways to try and combat becoming a victim of the UK’s ‘pollen bomb’. We’d love to hear about your natural remedies – be sure to comment below, or find us on Instagram or Facebook and tell us your stories!

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Have a wonderful week!

The team @ Bilia Baby UK

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